Texas Construction Law Updates

Arbitration agreement found unenforceable because employer could modify it without advance notice to the employee

JP Neyland - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

An employee had a dispute with his employer arising out of personal injuries on a worksite. The employer’s written Dispute Resolution Policy contained an arbitration provision. The employee asserted the arbitration provision was unenforceable because the employer was permitted to modify or terminate Dispute Resolution Policy at its sole discretion. As a result, the employee argued the arbitration provision was an illusory promise, that is, it ... read more

Challenges to overall enforceability of a contract can be determined by an arbitrator

JP Neyland - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The parties to a dispute entered into an informal written settlement agreement, which contemplated execution of a more-formal settlement agreement later. The informal settlement agreement stated that “any disagreement result[ing] from negotiation and completion of this documentation” would be submitted to arbitration. One party argued the informal settlement agreement was wholly unenforceable because it was not approved by that party’s Board  ... read more

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